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Car Insurance for the Over 55s

Providers of car insurance for the Over 55s

When you get over the age of 55 years finding a car insurance provider that will cover you becomes increasingly difficult and very frustrating. We have already searched the web for you and brought you three of the best providers of car insurance for the over 55.

Car Insurance Provider
Features of the Policy
Website Links
senior car insurance
Aviva offer money off for online purchases and Optional extras like breakdown cover and no claims protection available
Ecar insurance for seniors
E-car insurance
Ecar has a unique pay as you go car insurance product for the Over 55s
Compare the Market
If you're looking for a new car insurance quote, or you're trying to find a better quote, then head to compare the market, as they say, simples!
Go compare does exactly what it says on the tin. You only have to enter your details once and the site will go off an d scan the market place for you.
Tempcover Insurance
If another driver urgently needs to borrow your car or you must drive a vehicle that isn't yours for a few days or a few hours, temporary car insurance provides complete protection.
Direct Line
Admiral Insurance
Named drivers who are over 55 can claim their own no claims discount. Great value car insurance from Admiral
Churchill Insurance
You could save up to £319 on your car insurance with Churchill
Direct Line
Natwest Insurance
Up to 65% no claims discount, up to 70% if you're over 50
Coop Car Insurance
You could save up to £319 on your car insurance with Churchill
Ecar insurance for seniors
Asda Insurance
Reap the rewards of careful driving - we offer no claims discounts of up to 75 percent. And in most instances we'll give you the option of protecting your No Claims Discount.*

Latest car Insurance Over 55 News

car companies far and wide have are now catering to the over 55 age group for car insurance. The three companies above all provide car insurance for the pver 55 age group.

Keep coming back for more deals for the over 55s car insurance and older people holiday insurance cover.